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We Dug Ourselves Into A HUGE Hole

Updated: Sep 13, 2018

The dangers of letting Cactus loose on large earth moving equipment...

I heard it in his interview. He made one simple comment, "I felt like I'd dug myself into a hole I couldn't get out of." My mind took this literally. I saw my subject stuck down a hole that he had no possibility of climbing out of.

“I had it all, a six figure income, a prestigious position in a successful company in Japan and any woman I wanted. That was the one problem I couldn't resolve with myself...or my wife. I couldn't stop myself anymore.” Todd.

He had fallen so deeply into a pornographic addiction that his next affair, his next "hook-up," his next fling became his obsession. He couldn't get out of the deepening and destructive cycle. Two failed marriages later he would end up in his parents basement. He was broke, jobless and unredeemable.

So we dug a 50 foot wide hole and 20 feet deep to take the audience into his mind at that moment of his life.

I walked the actor portraying Todd (his real first name) down into the hole on a very long ladder. In a directorial choice prior to the day of the shoot I didn't actually tell the actor how deep the hole was, nor that we would be removing any way for him to get out during the entire shoot.

Then we rained almost 1000 gallons on him. By the end of this shoot we were all soaked.

In order to get the size and shape of the hole we needed we had to dig it in a more remote location. One of our producers, Randy Hunt, volunteered his property in Ophir, Utah and his 25 ton excavator. It was the most technically complicated shoot of the film for us. Our cinematographer Dario Ramirez and I learned what a jib was only the day before and decided to constructed a 20 foot crane to shoot over the hole as we pumped hundreds of gallons of water over tens of thousands of dollars of high tech camera equipment, on purpose!

The happy ending is, drenched to the bone, we all got the shot, exactly 52 weeks from the day we started filming "A Seat For Everyone." What a journey we are all on.

Cinematographer Dario Ramirez, Director Cactus Jack and Executive Producer Blue Le Mar drenched

"A Seat For Everyone" Coming Soon

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