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The Problem is Coming Soon...

Equine and Real Estate Photographer Holly Hess Ricks on set for her concept shoot "The Feast at His Table"

It took four months to produce the shoot for Holly Hess Ricks based on an incredibly inspired idea she brought to me in November 2015. Neither of us knew how much it would change our lives and the lives of our now 523 strong cast and crew.

The problem is that we think addiction is the problem.

“It was the end of the day and our jaws were still on the floor from the impact of Holly's photo shoot. I don't think any of us could get our minds around what had just happened to us.” Paul Cactus Jack Le Mar, Director and Exec Producer

I have said this rather often...I never had Filmmaker anywhere near my radar! I just wanted to compose scores for Hollywood films and write songs for my own performance career. After making my first music video I kinda got the visual storytelling bug under my skin.

Brandy Pitcher in her role as "Mary" before she became our Producer.

“We planned on just the shoot. It had been a long four months. After the shoot that night Cactus came to me and said, 'We have to tell their stories. This is a film." The next day we spoke with Holly and just like that a film production company was launched.” Julia Blue Le Mar, Exec Producer.

Literally every person involved in the shoot was changed that day. I decided that it might be a good idea to capture some of the cast in that moment, to ask them to share in their own words what we were all feeling.

We cast EVERYONE for their looks. We cast EVERYONE to play a part we thought they looked like. We cast EVERYONE to take part in a message about addiction.

Julia Blue Le Mar, Executive Producer....and everything else!

“We had no clue that almost everyone in our cast was intimately connected to addiction ” Paul Cactus Jack Le Mar

We first thought it would be a short film no longer than 30 mins. Then, as we held the first round of interviews for the film we were completely shocked at the stories we were being told. After hearing about their childhoods, their marriages, their divorces, their dysfunctional lives I couldn't believe that these people were even still alive!

And they were all part of a shoot about addiction.

This has been the case from day one of production. We first thought we would release the short film by the end of 2017. Then this became bigger than us all. We decided to go the full feature length. We thought we could get it ready by this month. Not a chance.

Paul Cactus Jack Le Mar on the set of Holly Hess Ricks' "The Feast at His Table.

If you've managed to read this to now, please tune in to our social media Friday, October 19th at 7pm. We are making the major release announcement for "A Seat For Everyone."

Oh....and will be releasing the long awaited new trailer!


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