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The Problem is that we think addiction is the Problem.

Updated: Jan 5, 2019

Addiction is the result. The problem is far more insidious.

This is the car that was cut open by the South Ogden Fire Department while filming Travis Whittaker's story

On the 3rd of January 2010 I was driven to the airport by the bloke who lived next door to the snowy Utah mountain cabin I was staying in for Christmas 2009. I was still living in Australia at the time but wanted to experience an American Christmas like you see in the movies. So I booked a ubiquitous log cabin in Midway, Utah. It was a last minute choice that would change my life permanently.

It was during that Christmas stay that I had decided to ignore all better judgement and become a Rock Star in the US. What sealed the deal for me was my next door neighbor. This part of the story is another post for another time, but I will say that "randomly" booking a cabin half a world away and discovering that the neighbour in the cabin next door just happens to be one of the most important musical influence of your life is, not random after all.

“Charlie Colin was one of my most influential musical icons and a major Grammy award winner, and he was taking me to the airport! He also was the first addict I met in the industry, and would heavily impact my life...for the better”

The day my career began. Charlie Colin in his usual studliness. Cactus Jack trying badly to act calm and collected.

Fast forward nine years later, seven albums released and one in production, several movie soundtracks, a musical and multiple music video productions and now my wife and I are adding filmmakers to our career slate. I use the term career rather loosely. In actual fact this film has consumed our lives.

“It started out as a photograph. It became a feature film. It has now become a movement.”

We never set out to be filmmakers and we certainly wouldn't have chosen addiction as a subject for consideration. I was the guy who shook my head at addicts and said "poor them, hopefully they can get it sorted out."

The more I learned about addiction, the more I realized that addiction isn't the problem. Addiction is the result of the problem. The problem is far worse.

The problem has nothing to do with pornography or alcohol. It has nothing to do with prescription drugs or harmful substances. The problem is so subversive and pervasive that it has reached epidemic proportions in almost every society today.

As you watch the lives of those portrayed in our film you will come to know, as we have, what that problem is.

You might also come to know that you are part of that problem, just like I am.

A Seat For Everyone is coming this year and it is coming for you.

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